Rich Finneran

Eric Schmitt has disgraced the office of Missouri attorney general since his appointment by Gov. Mike Parson, and defeating him in November should be one of the main priorities in this election year for people who want to see criminal justice reform and simply good government in Missouri. Voters are blessed to have two eminently qualified and passionate progressive Democrats on the August 4 primary ballot. Elad Gross and Rich Finneran are indeed two of the best candidates for Missouri attorney general we have ever seen. While either would be a capable leader and progressive change agent in this important office, we have our eye on November 3 and who would be best equipped to defeat Schmitt. Both are equally qualified first-time candidates with no statewide name recognition, so electability is the deciding factor. Gross has an extremely youthful appearance compared to Finneran, who looks like an attorney general straight out of Central Casting, and superficial factors like physical appearance can be telling to voters. More importantly, Finneran has more than doubled Gross in fundraising though Gross announced his campaign nearly a year before Finneran did. While we believe Gross’ many grassroots donors would readily switch their allegiance to any Democrat battling Schmitt, we are less confident that the deeper pockets that support Finneran would have the same confidence in Gross’ ability to topple a Republican incumbent with the established name recognition that the Democrat will need to buy in advertising before November. We believe Elad Gross would be a dynamic attorney general and encourage him to maintain his inexhaustible commitment to the public good, but we strongly endorse RICH Finneran for attorney general.

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This is an incredibly bad endorsement. Even a Finneran fan could see that. It makes no mention of policy, despite the fact that Gross has consistently offered up more detailed and varied plans than Finneran, who has been extremely vague about what he actually intends to do as AG. This endorsement boils down to "We think Finneran looks older, and rich donors seem to like him more," which is not exactly high praise.

I can assure you of this: Elad Gross' fans support him because of his platform. Each of us has found one of his numerous plans that resonates with us. We know that offering up a platform that appeals to people is infinitely more important than visual appeal (our current leaders aren't exactly models!) and is what is going to defeat Schmitt.

When voters don't know what a candidate stands for, they aren't going to be excited about them. When they aren't excited, they won't turn out to vote.


Agreed. Elad also has much greater support from Democratic officials inside Missouri, including multiple legislators and county-level Democratic parties. Finneran is qualified but seems to be more friendly to dark money and does not attack Schmitt as forcefully as Elad.

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