First time voter at Peabody Elementary School

First time voter at Peabody Elementary School about to cast her ballot on Tues., August 2, 2022.

 The 411 on voting this election:

Since November 8 is a General Election, all eligible voters in the City of St. Louis will vote the same ballot.

Eligible voters should have received a Notice of Election card in the mail informing them of the November 8 General Election and their voting options.  Voters are also reminded that a photo ID is required.

If a voter does NOT have a State of Missouri or Federally issued photo ID, they can still vote at the voter’s polling place by casting a provisional ballot on Election Day. After Election Day, a bipartisan team of election judges will compare the signature on the voter’s provisional ballot envelope to their voter registration signature on file at the Election Board. If the signature matches, the vote will count.

Any voter who has any questions about their voter registration status should contact the Election Board at 314-622-4336.  A sample ballot, as well as other helpful information, is available on the Board’s website at

Judges matter and we shouldn't skip those boxes on the ballot

Consider who appointed the judges on your ballot and get a snapshot of their career and campaign contributions by searching their names on before you vote - type their name and the word "Ballotpedia" for quick access.

Near the end of your ballot, you will have the option to vote for or against  judges seeking retention or a seat on the Missouri Supreme Court, Missouri Court of Appeals, your District Court of Appeals and Circuit Courts.

Republican voters pay close attention to the courts.  All voters should because these judges serve on courts which make decisions that impact your life and the well-being of your family and your community.

“No-excuse” absentee ballots still available

In the two-week period prior to Election Day beginning October 25th, voters can now vote a “no-excuse” absentee ballot at any of the Election Board’s designated No Excuse Absentee Polling Places.  To explore voting options, find the closest polling place on Election Day or locate a No Excuse Absentee Polling Place prior to Election Day voters should access the Polling Places page on the Election Board website for St. Louis city.  In St. Louis county, starting on Oct. 27th, No Excuse Absentee voting is available through November 7 (except Sundays) at:  The Election Board, North County Rec Complex, UMSL Student Center, Daniel Boone Branch (STLCO Library), Mid-County Branch (STLCO Library), STLCC Meramec Student Center or St. John's UCC Mehlville. Check hours for voting, which vary based on day at designated polling places

Discounted and Free Rides to vote

Lyft announced its plans for discounted trips across the country on Election Day. The company's promise is to provide 50% off on rideshares, bikes, and scooters on November 8, 2022.  Rides2Vote is another avenue. The organization allows voters to request a ride to the polls online before the election. St. Louis Area Voter Protection Coalition provides "a ride to vote," call APRI at 314-562-0411.

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