Jail uprising with banners hung out the window

Inmates at the St. Louis Justice Center yell to those watching from the street, in St. Louis on Saturday, February 6, 2021. St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards says the event started when a detainee began fighting with a corrections officer around 2:30 A.M. Other prisoners began beating the guard after they were able to free themselves from their cells. About 65 inmates were moved to the Medium Security facility in north St. Louis around 9 A. M. after the event was over. The only injury reported was the guard who was transported to a hospital. 

Dec. 4 — FOX 2 reports three Justice Center inmates were simultaneously rushed to hospitals after drug overdoses.

Dec. 29 — Inmates at the City Justice Center refuse to return to their cells and 56 people are transferred to the Workhouse. 

Jan. 1 — Inmates are tear-gassed after once again refusing to return to their cells. Forty-five people are transferred to the Workhouse. 

Jan. 12 — Alderwoman Cara Spencer, Ward 20, holds a Health and Human Services Committee meeting to address health concerns at the Workhouse and CJC. Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards says about 85 inmates at the two jails have been either exposed to or infected by the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. Inez Bordeaux, an activist with Arch City Defenders and organizer of the Close The Workhouse campaign, recalled during the meeting that inmates have described to her “hellish, unconstitutional, inhumane conditions."

Jan. 18 — ArchCity Defender releases two-year-study that found, in part, 32 people died in jail custody from 2009 to 2019.

Feb. 6— One-hundred-and-seventeen inmates take over the majority of the St. Louis City Justice Center’s fourth floor, smashing windows and setting fires.

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