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Teacher Resources

Teacher Planning

The 2018-2019 2nd Semester Planning Sheets provide a week-by-week syllabus for the NIE STEM and Healthy Kids pages. Click here for the Semester Two Weekly STEM Topics and Experiment Supply Lists Syllabus and here for the Semester Two Healthy Kids Weekly Topics Syllabus

Missouri Press Foundation

MAP Moments - Missouri Press Foundation offers a 33-part series designed to help teachers reach mandated goals within the Missouri Assessment Program. "MAP Moments" provides elementary and secondary activities using the newspaper to help reach state tested Grade Level Expectations.

Common Core Standards - Using the Newspaper to Meet Common Core Standards illustrates the newspaper's value in the classroom, especially in teaching the skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards. Download your free guide here.

St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo provides a variety of great educational resources. Click HERE to see what is available.

American Press Institute

This site provides free, downloadable resources including 26 different teacher guides providing activities for a variety of grade levels and subject areas:

Newspaper In Education Institute

Over 300 different teacher resources are available for free download at the NIE Institute site.