George Ladd, MBA

George Ladd, MBA

Financial Consultant

Hussmann Corporation          

Mount Vernon, IL

Mt. Vernon Township High School

SIUE, BS, Accounting; MBA

RBC Young Professionals

In short, what do you do?

At a high-level, I provide financial support to business owners to help guide their decision-making to achieve their operational goals.  Day-to-day this involves financial budgeting, analyzing, and reporting for a company or divisions within the company.  Part of my job is to partner with department leaders to develop their annual budgets, then monitor and report results to help them stay on track and meet their financial targets.  Most recently, I’ve been working on a project to consolidate the financial reports and systems of Panasonic Corporation and its subsidiaries.

What are some of the biggest changes in financial services that you’ve seen since starting in this sector 14 years ago?

I began my career in corporate finance just before the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008, and the impact was immediate.  I’ve seen the entire industry spend many years in recovery and transformation. I believe that one of the biggest changes is the proximity and speed of information.  People have the ability to receive data and make informed decisions within seconds, all from a mobile device.  This has transformed the way that customers, clients, and firms interact. 

What is your most satisfying professional achievement?

My most satisfying professional achievement thus far would have to be becoming an adjunct professor. I currently teach and design Economics and Finance courses at Maryville University.  I’ve just completed my second year as a professor, and it has been very satisfying. Being able to take the experiences and industry knowledge that I’ve learned over the years and use it to help students better understand the economy is a great feeling.

Tell us about your role with St. Louis Crisis Nursery and why service with the organization is important to you.

I am currently the Chair of the St. Louis Crisis Nursery’s Young Professionals Board.  Our Board provides awareness and support (via events, fundraising, volunteering, etc.) for the Nursery to help fulfill its mission of family empowerment and preventing child abuse and neglect. I’ve been involved with the Nursery for nearly eight years now, and its impact on families in the St. Louis area is unmatched..

You also serve on the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation Development Committee. Tell us a bit about this St. Louis new attraction and the role of the Foundation.

Yes, I am very excited to be involved with this newest addition to St. Louis!  I hope that everyone has gotten a chance to go visit, as it is an amazing attraction.  The Foundation is the nonprofit partner to the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. Its mission is to engage the community through access, educational programs, and water stewardship. One of the major initiatives is to provide free admission to the Aquarium for 25,000 underserved youth, annually. As a member of the Development Committee, I assist in creating partnerships and raising funds to support the Foundation’s mission.

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