Bookies are giving even money that at least 2 people get shot at or during this march.

Only thing governor should say is "How about you start acting like civilized human beings and quit killing each other". No politician can fix this problem, you got to do it yourselves

Systemic Racism? Really? The 'system' in Ferguson and the Metro St. Louis area has been run by Democrats for nearly 100 years. How can there possibly any racism in a system that Democrats have controlled for so long?

Just another lame attempt to blame someone other than the guilty party. Tillman is dead because he was a felon in possession of a firearm and ran from police. Everything else is irrelevant.

Was interested in article until author revealed her racism.

Another propaganda piece blaming racism. Sorry folks, look at the facts on who is causing school disturbances and committing crimes in schools. Problem isn't systemic racism, thr system in St. Louis has been run by Democrats for nearly 100 years and can not possibly have any vestige of ra…

Gun control is not the answer, it's a proven failure at stopping violence. It's an easy answer that wins votes but doesn't solve the problem. Look at wjo is doing the shooting, and start there. Otherwise everyone is wasting their time.

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The TDS is strong in this one.

All we ever hear is "Gun control! Gun control!". More gun laws will do nothing to reduce the shootings in St. Louis. Politicians are deceiving you by pushing more gun laws, they know new laws are useless. Guns can't do anything by themselves. Look at who is doing the shooting, acknowledge…

Why is this called "environmental racism"? Is there evidence that people are saying "hey, let's go dump our trash in the majority black part of town"? As for industrial pollution, that happens everywhere and is color blind. The areas affected by industrial pollution, where they majority b…