Richard Patton

Rev. Wilson has gone directly to the heart of the matter with his recommendations. A wide variety of factors imperil our children. Of late those threats have transcended mere risk and resulted in a shocking number of deaths. We are in a crisis. In addressing crisis, the appropriate respon…

Richard Patton commented on St. Louis by the numbers

An excellent analysis of what has gone on in the St. Louis region over the long haul. Improving our lot depends on understanding the dynamics of how we got where we are.

Richard Patton commented on Beware the man of system in our midst

A thought provoking piece to be taken to heart. We also should probably be warned about parties with narrow, vested interests that cloak that self-interest in lofty rhetoric and obfuscation while pursuing their own vainglorios goals´╝č

Richard Patton commented on Vote NO on Amendment 6 and Amendment 3

As a regular reader of the St. Louis American who almost always agrees with its editorial positions, I find the newspaper's opposition to Amendment 3 to be, in a word, appalling. The editorial fundamentally mischaracterizes the amendment and my suspicion is that the opposition is motivated b…

Richard Patton commented on Student gets probation for free speech

The "safe places" gambit is a multi-edge sword that eventually curtails open dialogue and free speech. Many major universities are backing away from it. St. Louis University should do the same.