NAACP responds to Biden/Harris victory over Trump/Pence
As we stand on the other side of one of the most consequential elections in our lifetime, we first want to recognize the efforts of so many—activists, leaders, organizers, but most importantly, voters. Millions of Americans have cast their ballots with the hope and belief they can make a difference in this country. Dozens of organizations, celebrities, and movement leaders have worked tirelessly to educate, mobilize, and protect voters as they exercised their civic duty. Even in the face of adversity and voter suppression, our collective effort made a substantial difference.
At this historical moment, the voters have made it clear that they want a country that works for all people. They want a country that is not broken by racism and bigotry. They want leadership that can create opportunities for all Americans to succeed in all aspects of society, without fear of over-policing, discrimination, and destructive policies at our expense. 
This election transcends party and gives voice to the voters who want affordable health care, economic stability, quality education for their children, and wholesale relief from the pandemic and structural inequality. How we move forward from here and begin to repair our nation is critical.  
As we begin to chart a pathway forward, we recognize the overwhelming significance of this moment and what it means for this country. The NAACP has spent the past 100 years educating and mobilizing Black people to participate fully in our democracy. Throughout the history of this country, Black people have always led the charge to make this country live up to its ideals of equality and fairness.
This year, our voter mobilization and protection efforts have made a substantial difference where it counts. The NAACP spent more than $15 million to deploy a blend of traditional and innovative turnout tactics in the following 10 states: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Alabama. The turnout strategy is anchored in an innovation pioneered by the data science firm GSSA, called indirect relational voter turnout (IRVT), where high-propensity Black voters are recruited as volunteers to encourage low-propensity Black voters to vote.
The comprehensive campaign recruited nearly 200,000 high-propensity Black voters to volunteer. Our volunteers have made 675,000 calls, sent 16.5 million text messages, safely distributed over 400,000 pieces of voter education literature, sent 4.5 million pieces of social pressure GOTV mail, and sent 400,000 direct voter contact emails to encourage Black voters in their community to vote.
In the coming days and months, we will continue to set our sights on making progress a reality for so many who have been left behind. We will work in tandem with our members, partners, and congressional leaders, and everyday citizens to ensure justice, equity, and fairness are a mainstay in this country. 
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