Cori Bush wins US House of Representative Race

Cori Bush who upset incumbent William “Lacy” Clay in the Democratic primary, has been elected to the US House of Representatives. Bush defeated Libertarian Alex Furman and Republican Anthony Rogers. 

It’s official: Cori Bush will become the first Black congresswoman Missouri sends to Congress. 

In a speech Tuesday night, Bush stood in front of a Black Lives Matter tapestry and thanked her family, supporters and campaign staff. She gave a special shout out to the Ferguson Frontliners, a group she says is not given the attention or credit they deserve. 

“We want to lift them up right now — so every single person that is listening right now that is a Ferguson Frontliner, this is for you and this win is for you.”

She went on to talk about her personal experience. 

“I was running, I was that person running for my life across a parking lot, running from an abuser. I remember one day hearing bullets whiz past my head, and at that moment I wondered ‘how do I make it out of this life?’”

She said she’s been the uninsured single parent waiting outside a payday loan office and the COVID-19 patient “gasping for breath.”  

“I’m still that person. I am proud to stand before you today knowing it was this person with these experiences who moved the voters of St. Louis to do something historic. St. Louis — my city, my home, my community — we have been surviving and grinding, just scraping by for so long and now this is our moment to finally start living. Let’s finally start living, let’s finally start growing, let’s finally start thriving.” 

Bush continued on to say as the first Black woman, single mother and the first nurse to represent Missouri in Congress she would work for those who have not been represented before. 

“To the Black women, the Black girls, the nurses, the essential workers, the single mothers: This is our moment.”

For years St. Louis has lived under leadership that shut them out of their own government, she said. 

“Today, we — all of us — are headed to Congress, St. Louis strong. So my message today to every Black, brown, immigrant, queer and trans and to every person locked out of opportunities to thrive because of oppressive systems: I’m here to serve you.”

She said it is the greatest honor of her life to serve the residents of Missouri’s First Congressional District. 

“So tonight we the people are victorious, we the people are going to Congress, because we the people have committed to a vision of America that works for all of us,” she said.

“Our America, not Trump’s America, our America will not be lead by the small mindedness of a powerful few but the imagination of a mass movement that includes all of us. That is the America we are fighting for.” 

Bush said it is her job to serve the people.

“This is a moment where things have shifted, change has happened, so we got to flow with that change. Now is time to move from that place of struggle to a place of living and a place of thriving.”

She said this election was not about her, but about the voters standing up and making their voices heard. 

“So St. Louis if you know nothing else you remember this: My Congresswoman elect, soon to be a congresswoman, loves you. Your congresswoman elect loves you.”

“Now, our movement is going to Congress. And we will meet the challenges of this moment as a movement side by side, arm in arm, with our fists in the air, with our fists in the air, ready to serve each other until every single one of us is free.”

As of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, 30.5% of the precincts had reported votes. Bush received 103,183 votes, or 79.8%. Her Republican opponent, Anthony Rogers, received 17.7% of the cote. The Libertarian candidate, Alex Furman, received 2.2% of the vote.

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