Tishaura O. Jones

One-hundred local progressive leaders came together Tuesday to endorse St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones in her bid to become the city’s next mayor, joining a long list of local and out-of-state support Jones has received since she announced her campaign Nov. 4.

The list of names includes a community of organizers, healers, advocates, faith leaders, and civically-engaged residents who “know well the myriad forms of disparity and desperation that years of inequitable policies and disconnected politics have yielded,” according to a release.

Some notable names on the list are Blake Strode, a civil rights lawyer and executive director of ArchCity Defenders; Kayla Reed, an organizer and co-founder and executive director of Action STL; Missouri Rep. Raheen Aldridge; and the Rev. Cassandra Gould, executive director of Missouri Faith Voices.

“We have an opportunity to right the course and build a future for St. Louis in which all people and communities are healthy, stable, and thriving,” the release stated. “This will require transformative, community informed leadership that expands the realm of what is possible and calls us to do better for those who have long been marginalized and cast aside. Tishaura is the only person on the ballot with a demonstrated history of and commitment to providing this kind of leadership. She is the right choice at the right time.”

The group argues that the city has experienced transactional leadership in the past that seeks to preserve power by trading favors and cutting deals — a method, they say, the city cannot afford to maintain.  

“We need leadership that speaks hard truths, acts on principles and not politics, and is accountable to everyday people. We need leadership that understands the historic disinvestment from Black St. Louis as one of the most urgent issues our region faces,” they wrote. “While other candidates have surely been on the right side of some issues in the past, Tishaura is the only genuine threat to the status quo in St. Louis. We support Tishaura Jones not because we expect her to be a savior, but because we know her to be a partner.”

The group of progressives assert this is a moment for the city where it is experiencing an “ascendent movement for change,” which is reflected the growing number of grassroots organizations and campaigns to secure universal housing in environmentally sustainable communities; economic justice and living wages; care and support in place of punishment and cages; schools that nurture our children and anchor our communities; and truly democratic, participatory, and transparent local governance.

“We proudly stand with Tishaura Jones for mayor because we believe that she will be accountable to the people in making this vision a reality,” they wrote in conclusion. “It is time for our politics and our leadership to reflect this bold vision for the city that we call home. We ask that you join us in voting for equity, for justice, and for Tishaura Jones as the next mayor of the City of St. Louis.”

The primary for the mayoral election will be held March 2 and the general election will be held April 6.

With the passing of Proposition D on Nov. 3, the primary will be nonpartisan and voters will be asked to vote for every candidate they approve of. The two with the most votes, regardless of party affiliation, will go on to the general election.

Jones is running against Aldermanic President Lewis Reed, 20th Ward Alderwoman Cara Spencer and utility executive Andrew Jones.

A full list of those who signed the statement endorsing Jones include:

Blake Strode, Attorney and Community Advocate

Kayla Reed, Community Organizer and Strategist

Michelle Higgins, Pastor

Andrew Gibson, Educator and Musician

Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould, Faith Leader

John Chasnoff, Activist

Jessica Wernli, Community Organizer

Alicia Hernández, Community Organizer

Jennifer Drake, Social Worker and Consultant

Jay-Marie Hill, Artist and Organizer

Jacki Langum, Attorney

Faith Sandler, Advocate

Brendan Roediger, Attorney

Heather Taylor, Retired Officer

Mykael Ornbaun, Social Worker

Whitney Benns, Educator and Facilitator

Rev. Aaron Rogers, Faith Leader

Charli Cooksey, Educator and Social Entrepreneur

Karissa Anderson, Advocate and Organizer

Sr. Mary Ann McGivern, Activist

Ashley Kuykendall, Community Organizer

Ohun Ashe, Community Organizer

Sherita Love, Anti-Racist Educator and Advocate

David Dwight IV, Community Advocate

Mallory Schwarz, Advocate

Amber Johnson, Professor and Activist

Keith Rose, Community Organizer

Mike Milton, Organizer and Advocate

Molly Metzger, Educator

Adelaide Lancaster, Advocate

Elisabeth Risch, Advocate

Mia Bible, Actor, Producer

Pat Mobley, Attorney

Aliah Holman, Advocate

Sandra Tamari, Community Organizer

Nahuel Fefer, Advocate

Lenny Jones, Union Director

Amy Breihan, Attorney

Jae Shepherd, Community Organizer

Jerryl T. Christmas, Attorney

Nancy E. Cross, Activist

Hannah Allee, Advocate

Jessica Pace, Organizer and Advocate

Inez Bordeaux, Community Organizer and Nurse

Denise Lieberman, Attorney

Maxi Glamour, Artist and Community Organizer

Kimberly Norwood, Law Professor

Travis Sheridan, Community Advocate

James Biko, DJ and Entrepreneur

Rev. Dr. Dietra Baker, Faith Leader and Organizer

Darian Wigfall, Entrepreneur

Julia Ho, Advocate

Alisha Sonnier, Education Advocate

Sarah Watkins, Housing Advocate

Nicole Hudson, City Resident

Corey Black, Artist

Kennedy Moore, Organizer

Christy Maxfield, Entrepreneur

Kennard Williams, Organizer

Lori Lamprich, 25th Ward Committeewoman

Darren Jackson, Social Entrepreneur

Michael Butler, St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds

DeMarco Davidson, Organizer

Dr. Kira Banks, Educator

Ryan Albritton, Writer and Food Grower

Jazmyn Holton, Advocate

Kathryn Redmond, Attorney

Rika Tyler, Organizer

Naychelle Harris, City Resident

Yoni Blumberg, Advocate

De Nichols, Designer and Social Entrepreneur

Katherine Fenerson, Organizer

Katarra Parson, Musician, Vocalist and Producer

Willow Rosen, Educator and Birth Worker

David Bryant, Attorney

Jamilah Jackson, City Resident

Brian Barlay, Advocate

Shira Berkowitz, City Resident

Mina Aria, Community Organizer

Natalie Self, Social Worker

Ben Poremba, Restaurateur

Nik Smith, City Resident

Brittany Ferrell, RN, MPH, Organizer

Angela Giancola, Business Owner

Umar Lee, Writer and Activist

Adriana Darris, City Resident

Kirsten Petty, 20th Ward Democratic


Aaron Banks, Attorney

Sasha Martin, Community Advocate

Mark Davis, 20th Ward Democratic


Nate Jones, Illustrator and Musician

Dasha Kennedy, Advocate

Milkayla Allen, Community Organizer

Umeme Houston, Business Owner

Alex Cook, Community Organizer

Adria Nicole Webb, Artist and Entrepreneur

Jake Olson, Union Leader

Rasheen Aldridge, State Representative and


Rachel D’Souza-Siebert, Entrepreneur and City


Jake Lyonfields, Health Care Professional and

Community Organizer

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